At ICON Homes, we know buying a home is not a decision you make every day. It’s a unique opportunity filled with exciting and important decisions. That’s why, since 1963, we have made it our mission to create a customer-first approach to building homes—ones that aren’t just beautifully made, but that have true value to their owners.

With the Forest District, we hope to continue the legacy we created from the well-received Market District, a home community built on the same commitment to excellence, respect, trust, and integrity.

The ICON Customer
Experience Program

Customer satisfaction is not only our top priority,
it’s what drives us to be a better builder.

This process includes:

1. A commitment to communication.

ICON Homes provides streamlined communication with all our clients to better the homebuying experience from point of sale to after move in. Each homebuyer receives a dedicated ICON Ambassador to create a strong buyer-builder relationship.

2. Exceptional building quality.

We are committed to building quality homes that exceed the expectations of local building codes. Our quality craftsmanship and construction methods include the implementation of home details that add long-term value to your property.

3. A longstanding pledge to consistent service.

ICON Homes is dedicated to providing a positive homebuying experience for all homeowners. We recognize that our reputation is built on happy homeowners and strive to provide consistent, reliable service to all ICON homeowners.